Whether you manage a small concert promotion, corporate events, book bands, or offer the world a premier festival; TicketTote is the best platform for event management and ticketing that you will find on the web.


However, greatness can always be improved upon!


Take a look at our road map and see where your dream feature resides in our version releases. Looking for custom solutions? We do that to. Just send us a message if you have any questions.

Step into the Future of Event Ticketing

Current Version

v1.1 Apps & Analytics

  • Planner app on iOS and Android: scan natively with our free app and view your scanned data; includes hand-off via Wifi.

  • View all planners notifications within the app, including push notifications for ticket sales.

  • Apple and Google Pay for ticket and product sales.

  • Light mode.

v2.0 Promoters, Tiers & Email

  • App information incorporated into event analytical data.

  • Promoter integration with lists, financials, collections tracking, promoter permissions, and data dashboard.

  • Promoter Rank: See your top promoters over time and by event based on numerous metrics.

  • Social discounts on purchases.

  • Clone event for quick editing.

  • Improvements to our CRM including automation, import emails into custom lists and repairing not deliverables.

  • Speed improvements.

Programming Console


v2.1.1 Expansion Pack

With this version, we will be fine-tuning our extensive suite of features:​

  • Design updates to the UI.

  • More high-level data on Events Dashboard and app.

  • A NEW Brand Dashboard.

  • Improvements to our locations services.

  • $0/FREE event tickets.

  • In-line tutorial display for every feature.

  • Bulk guest list uploads.

  • Pay for tables/sections.

  • QR codes for scanning in guest lists and faster check-ins.

  • Manual check-in tracking for all ticket types and check-in tracking via web.

  • Improvements to printing stock tickets.

  • A new refunds system.

  • Custom email automations.

  • HTML + drag and drop template builder.

  • Email blacklisting.

v2.1.2 Virtual Events & Expanded Ticketing

​With this version we will be drastically improving our handling of virtual and hybrid events:

  • More virtual integrations and better handling.

  • Full event and product POS system app.

  • Bulk purchasing.

  • Tax handling.

  • Expanded ticketing for recurring events and more tier options.

  • Assigned seating with AI/user prompts.

  • White labelling.

v2.1.3 Ease of Use

  • Facebook & Google login/signup.

  • Facebook event info import/export.

  • Event insurance.

  • Planner resources dashboard.

  • Custom support panel.

v2.1.4 Expanded Services

A further expansion on existing services:

  • ToteSwap

    • Buyer ticket transfers​.

    • Refund requests.

    • Ticket reselling.

    • Swap tickets for an upgrade or downgrade.

  • Basic & advanced guest list embed options.

  • Powerful NEW reports section.

Music Performer

More to Come

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