• Jay Hall

Our Social Impact

TicketTote is an incredibly powerful event ticketing and management platform but we absolutely want to leave a lasting impact on this world. Our social impact will grow as we do, but in 2022 we have 2 mandates.


We run a separate arm of TicketTote called KidsTix. Whenever possible, we pay for tickets to our event planner's events and donate those tickets to under-privileged youth. We believe that entertainment, events, sports games, and just getting out of the every day helps kids create balance, gives them something to get excited about, and it fosters positivity!


Every year, TicketTote does our part to create more tools that eliminate the need for paper, ink, and other huge quantities of supplies that have been used in the past to run events. In 2019, we spared roughly 280 pine trees and we couldn't even tell you how much plastic didn't find its way to the ocean because of our digital tools.

In 2022, it is our goal to spare 1,000 pine trees with new features like our digital guest lists. And by 2025, we want to eliminate printing entirely from event planning.

Why? Our CEO, Jay Hall, has always been environmentally conscious. In grade school, he was the ambassador for Kids for Saving Earth. As an adult, he's done numerous volunteer projects cleaning up neighbourhoods and has done as much as he can at home to reduce his carbon footprint. We get one planet ... let's treat it well.

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