A Big Milestone at TicketTote to Kick-off June!

Updated: Jun 3

A crowd of event-goers with three women cheering in front

In February, I spent 6 weeks back in my second home for the first time in 3 years. In 2019, there was a personal issue and then COVID-19 took the world by storm. I wasn't sure what the events industry would be like when I got to Las Vegas but I quickly learned it hasn't changed at all.

If anything ... it's better!

The support of the events community in Vegas is always amazing to me because it's unlike any other market in North America. Everyone's genuinely invested in mutual success and the opportunities are plentiful.

I took the trip because I wanted to talk to as many in the industry as I could to figure out where our priorities should be. I was astounded by how many event industry folk wanted to sit down and talk about the future of event management and ticketing. Within weeks I had a road map to success, and that success is something I'd like to talk about today.

After meeting with several bars, venues, and nightclubs in town I had a priority list with the bulk of the list coming from one brand. We are currently internally testing:

  • More virtual and hybrid event features.

  • White labelled solutions.

  • Taxes

  • USD processing at groundbreaking rates just slightly above interchange.

  • Paid guest list features.

  • Language and currency packages.

  • Bulk purchasing.

  • Bundling.

  • API access.

What is truly remarkable is we were down devs on our team due to illnesses and yet we still hit our target date for internal testing. By mid-June, all of these features will be released to the entire TicketTote database.

Of course, white labelling means a brand has their own version of TicketTote so you won't see those planners on our main site but we can now facilitate huge events and ticket sales for brands as big as they want to be.

To say we did a little celebrating today after endless weeks of work would be an understatement. At some point in June a few members of the TicketTote team will be joining me for a trip back to Vegas, where we'll be onboarding a few new clients. Among those, an amazing venue that will be our first white-label client!

Looking forward, our next big feature to release is assigned seating done differently. This patent-pending take on an old event ticketing feature will surely revolutionize the industry.