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The Story of TicketTote

TicketTote was originally launched as Diyobo in 2007 after a year of selling social tickets. Jay, the owner of TicketTote, was on the original development team and one of Diyobo's first customers.

Jay has hosted over 1000 events in Manitoba, was the creator of Mystique and Area Nightclubs, and worked in event planning for 20 years. From the Pyramid to the Convention Centre, Le Rendezvous to MTS Centre ... Jay and his team have lived and breathed Manitoba events. The team also supports local causes such as Main Street Project, United Way, and the nurses of Manitoba.

Our offices and studio are located at Portage and Smith, and our entire development team is from Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We want to support our community and help event planners produce better events! 

Work with us ... the only homegrown ticketing platform with international ambitions, and we will guarantee a quality service with excellent customer service. If you want to grow your business with TicketTote we invite you to our offices for some Sals and good, visionary conversation. We're excited to work with all of Manitoba's event planners.

Join 1000s of SELLERS on TicketTote & Generate!

What's Coming

TicketTote will release 100 new features in 2022, on top of our already impressive suite of features. Take a look at our road map to see what we have in store for the world!

Tote of Knowledge

All of our features come with a detailed video tutorial by our CEO, Jay. Each video is updated as soon as the feature is released, ensuring you'll always know how to dive into TicketTote.

 COVID-19 Relief 

We recognize that COVID-19 absolutely rocked the event industry. As such, we are offering COVID-19 Relief fees to help you get back to baseline!