Step into the Future of Event Ticketing

Whether you run a small concert promotion, corporate events, you book bands, or you offer the world a premier festival that everyone should want to attend; TicketTote is the best platform for event tickets that you will find ... but we will be constantly improving upon greatness! Take a look at our road map and see where your dream feature sits in our version releases.

v1.0 MVP

Playing A Big Drum at a Festival

Current Version

  • Event posting

  • Ticket purchases

  • Comps & will call

  • Ticket printing

  • Integrated QR code (1 QR for all events per account)

  • Buyer lists

  • CRM v1.0

  • Financial dashboard

  • Promo codes and discounts

  • Notification system

v1.1 Apps & Analytics

DJ Spinning at an Event


  • Planner app on iOS and Android: scan natively with our free app and view your scanned data, includes hand-off via Wifi

  • View all planners notifications within the app, including push notifications for ticket sales

  • Apple and Google Pay payments for tickets

  • Light mode

v2.0 Promoters, Tiers & ToteTalk

DJ & Fog Machine at a Concert
  • Event planner app for iOS & Android including app information incorporated into planner analytics on the site

  • Promoter integration with lists, financials, collections tracking, promoter permissions, and data dashboard

  • Promoter rank: See your top promoters over time and by event based on several metrics

  • Expanded profiles

  • ToteTalk: Anonymous chat based on profile interests and events

  • Expanded ticket tiers

    • Tiers based on dates​

    • Tiers based on dates and times​

  • Custom support panel for more control over your event management

  • Social discounts

  • Facebook & Google logins/signups

v2.1 Speed & Service

People Cheering at a Gaming Event
  • Social media, SEO, and website marketing services

  • Clone event: Create events faster

  • Embed event: Show your event everywhere you want with a short snipped

  • Reviews & surveys: Find out what your customers thought about your event

  • Automated emails: Set up email automation based on actions (triggers include: ticket purchase: schedule of days before the event, etc)

v2.2 Tickets & Integrations

Artist Recording Music for an Event
  • Custom ticket setup: Customize what your tickets look like 

  • Transfer, refund and exchange tickets for buyers and planners

  • Restrictive ticket purchases based on parameters like postal code, age, etc

  • Saved events for buyers

  • Facebook integration to buy tickets on Facebook events

v2.3 Protection & Perks

Festival Crowd
  • Fully functioning planner app with push notifications and event creation

  • Tie events together: Create a family of events with deep integration

  • Event insurance: Offer your buyers insurance on their purchase

  • Advertising override: Your own advertisements on tickets

  • Facebook event information import: Create your event with just a few clicks and permissions from Facebook

v3.0 Social Integration

Heart Hands at a Festival
  • TicketTote is working on a super secret, totally need to know, crazy confidential social integration

  • ​This integration will offer:​

    • More connection points with your customers​

    • New advertising opportunities

    • Integration with YouTube, Spotify & Apple Music

    • Location aware data

    • New scalability features